The month of June: Wife of Jupiter, the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, with related astrological signs starting with the sign of Gemini and ending with the sign of Cancer.

Early June

 ‘Summer in my Sunroom’

Part of life is a process of learning, as I work with Adobe illustrator and photoshop I keep running into the notion, when working on a new first tried project, best practice is to start with a sketch on paper. So, its about time I start taking some courses in drawing and sketching. Starting at the beginning an absolute beginner and that is with practice practice practice. Practice straight lines, C curves, S curves, Line accuracy, Line weight, Rectangles, Squares, Triangles, Ellipses, Circles, and on and on, over and over again. Between these exercises I make faces. These are just a beginning. 

Looking Back

Midnight Rose
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